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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimate that almost one third of all health care related spending in the United States is lost to fraud, waste, and abuse. Almost three trillion dollars is spent annually on health care in the U.S., which means, one third is lost to fraud, waste, and abuse, equates to almost one trillion dollars. So doing the math, the U.S. is losing .06 of it’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a total of 15.7 trillion dollars, to fraud, waste, and abuse in health care. That to us at Wily Fox is a very huge and astounding number. Just imagine if the .06 of GDP was put back into the U.S. economy…

Which is why, Wily Fox is entirely focused on trying to help solve the problem. We strongly feel that we can help make a difference in Health Care IT, in its efficiency. We strive to be part of the solution, and strongly feel that our products will help contribute to the resolution.

Most of our Information Technology team has come up through the ranks of custom software development, and as our careers progressed we have gained a strong understanding of all aspects of technology. We consider ourselves proud to have knowledge of how the software that we create will run on a server, and across servers. Since we have the fundamentals of Object Orientation, Service Oriented Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture down, our team can spend the time focusing on the business problem. We firmly believe that software development is pretty easy, we can pretty much make software do whatever it needs to do to solve a problem.

The Wily Fox technical team prides itself on understanding how computers operate, so that when we design and implement solutions, we know they will work and scale. Our team members aren’t the type to cut and paste source code from some random website, fiddle with it until it works, and then move on (without unit testing). No, we know what we are implementing and we know it will scale. It is why we are sought out for our technical services.

Wily Fox Technologies is a leading Health Information Technology software provider.  We offer  software analytic services to public and private sector entities, with a keen focus on the health care domain.  Our unique team has a profound amount of specialization in software development, enterprise architecture, and their application to health care.  We pride ourselves in having a broad and deep understanding Health Information Technology, which is why it is our hyper-focus.

The way that the health care industry operates as a whole continues to change, especially as the industry moves away from paper based operations to one with an electronic focus.  Realized with the changing landscape are changes at a macro and micro perspective, driven by business need and regulatory mandates.  At Wily Fox we pride ourselves about being abreast of all of the changes underway in the way health care systems operate, especially since the passing of the Affordable Care Act.  The health care industry for a long time has faced the challenge of meeting regulations, but the future holds ever greater challenges.  We are experts in assessing how these changes affect the industry, and most importantly using our knowledge to provide the best analytic software to our customers.  Which is exactly why customers reach out to us, we are, and always have been successful in meeting the needs of our customers.