Our Passion is Data Quality

Quality Data, Quality Results

Businesses, firms, and government organizations are increasingly looking to data to help guide business and decision-making processes in a successful and profitable way. This means that accurate data is crucial to the success of these institutions.

However, as organizations collect more and more data, managing and understanding the data has become more complex, creating a greater risk of poor data quality. This can result in increased operational costs, in identifying and correcting errors, and also in a lack of trust in the organization, once poor data has been released. Fortunately, we can help.

The FennecTM Solution

Wily Fox Technologies can help solve the data quality challenge with its software product FennecTM Data Quality Enforcement. FennecTM was developed as a business rule driven data quality enforcement tool that can be leveraged on healthcare datasets to provide insight into the completeness, meaningfulness, accuracy, and timeliness of healthcare data.

FennecTM includes:

Proactive Monitoring – Proactive data monitoring can alert data administrators or trading partners who submit data if the data collected does not meet quality expectations.

Management of Reference Data – standards can be created for commonly used reference domains, notably domains used for monitoring data consistency.

Governance – enforces data quality rules, manages metadata, and reports on performance.

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