Our Passion is Data

Wily Fox Technologies began as a technology company in 2013 tasked with implementing some of the most complex Health Information Technology (HIT) systems in the nation. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem, and our ability to deliver solutions that meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

In addition to HIT solutions, we deliver just about any complex IT solution, from backend data exchange to intuitive user interfaces. Our team includes brilliant analytic minds, artful UX designers, and highly skilled management professionals, with a proven track record of providing outstanding information technology services for a variety of public and private entities.

Quality Data

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Please feel free to reach out to Phil Smith, Wily Fox’s President, via LinkedIn. Phil is a long-term player in the HIT arena, having built many successful solutions for healthcare companies and government agencies. Most weekends, you can catch him on the local bike trails–he’s an avid cyclist, a former national champion in both mountain biking and cross-country running, and co-founder of the LeadOut Racing team. Phil is backed by a dedicated team of software developers, project managers, and website experts who can help make your project a success. Contact him today!