Meet the Team

Simply put, our team is awesome. Wily Fox Technologies is comprised of exceptionally brilliant people whose diverse backgrounds and broad experience provide our company with a foundation like no other. Our consultants are the leading professionals in their chosen fields and have verifiable qualifications that backup their expertise.

AWS Certification
Azure Certification
IBM Certification
PMP Certification
Scrum Certification
UX Certification


Not only do our team members excel in their professional lives, they also contribute time and talent to their communities, taking pride in supporting others and giving back.

  • Fire Station

    Our team has supported local fire departments by bringing them drinks and snacks. We also enlisted help from kids in the area. Both the kids and the firefighters left with smiles on their faces.

  • Kitchen

    We are grateful that our cabinets and pantries are stocked and recognize that many live with food insecurity. We try to help where we can by volunteering to prepare and serve meals.

  • SPCA

    Many of our team members have pets or love animals. We have spent some of our volunteer time providing assistance to local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) chapters and animal rescue organizations.

  • Trail

    Some of us love getting outside to enjoy nature. We recognize that trails don’t build or maintain themselves, so our team has assisted local organizations for building and caring for the trails that our communities enjoy